Plant Magic Evolution

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Plant Magic Evolution

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Quick Overview

Plant Magic - Evolution Spray is a foliar spray containing a wealth of plant health and growth accelerating ingredients. ... The organic compounds along with humic and fulvic acids in Plant Magic Evolution help to very effectively deliver all the ingredients into the plant.


Plant Magic Evolution speeds up the vegetative process and gets the plant ready for a big blooming cycle. It does this by generating a large amount of new growth that can support flowering sites and new shoots. It increases photosynthetic activity which leads to a boost in sugars. This is the energy the plant requires to form new tissues and carry out all plant functions. As a result, vertical growth is enhanced and new side shoots are encouraged. The increase in branches means more sites for flowers can develop. Of course, flowers mean fruits, so the end yield goes up too. Better performance of the roots. More energy from sugar production means more growth beneath the surface. A bigger root mass means a far greater surface area for the absorption of minerals. Your plants will need all the extra nutrition for building new plant tissues! These are just a few of the benefits, but suffice to say, the whole plant gets a boost and overall productivity goes up. Plant Magic Evolution is suitable for use on any plant in any substrate. As it is a foliar spray, it gets right to work where it lands, regardless of the media. It is a blend of bio stimulants, natural plant hormones, vitamins, minerals, amino acids as well as fluvic and humic acids. It is always best to apply foliar sprays just as the lights go out so they can’t burn the leaves. This can happen when intense light hits a bead of liquid on the leaf. The light focuses on a point on the leaf and burns it.

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