Wilma Wide 8 Pot Complete (11L Pot)

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Wilma Wide 8 Pot Complete (11L Pot)

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The Wilma 8 x 11 Litre Pot Dripper System is a complete hydroponic dripper system for growing 8 small to medium sized plants. Nutrient solution is held in a reservoir which is also the base of the system. A water pump is used to pump the nutrient solution from the reservoir, through the drip-lines and out through drippers inserted into each of the 8 pots which sit on a collection tray on top of the reservoir. The nutrient solution then returns to the reservoir ready to be used again.


The Wilma 8 x 11 Litre Pot Dripper System is a great growing system for new and seasoned growers alike. It is ideal for making the most of a small-medium size growing environment such as a 1.2m or 1.5m square tent or possibly a 1.2m x 2.4m tent. The whole system can be put together in minutes. Simply place the reservoir in the correct location in your grow-room, put the Top Tray on top of the Reservoir and then place the pots onto it. Install the pump and distribution piping. Fill the pots with your substrate (soil, coco, rockwool, clay pebbles). Run drip-lines from the piping to each pot and connect the correct dripper for the substrate you are using (use the flood-drippers for clay pebbles, and use the arrow-drippers for substrates with greater water retention - soil, coco, rockwool). Fill the Reservoir and mix in your nutrients, boosters and additives according to your feeding schedule. Transplant your plants into the pots and insert the drippers into the substrate in each pot close to each plant. Most growers use a 24Hr timer such as the Grasslin time-switch to switch the water-pump on and off and thereby control the feeding times. Set your programmed time-switch to the correct time, plug it into a mains outlet and switch on. Plug the water-pump into the timer. The pump will now water your plants according to the programme you have set on the timer. If you're using soil, we recommend buying a 7-day timer, to allow you to feed less regulalrly. Most segmental timers have a minimum 15-minute on-period. For small plants in clay pebbles start with 2 or 3 15-minute feeds per day spread out through the lights-on period. For small plants in more water-retentive mediums start with 1 or 2 15-minute feeds per day. For both types of mediums, the number of feeds per day will usually need to be increased as your plants grow larger. Dimensions: 120cm x 60cm x 20cm Reservoir: 85 L

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